Call us ‘idealists’ but we believe that every person is born into this world with their own strengths and purpose in life.

Not everyone is able to realize what their potential is and put it in practice. We spend a great deal of our lives playing roles – at work, at home, with our friends… – and fighting with our fears and emotions, while we can use all this precious time to achieve something much greater and meaningful.

That is why, our MISSION is simple…

MS Research and Training Academy is a change instigator that seeks to create meaning for their clients and employees by challenging, inspiring, moving, developing, and helping to prosper.

Our VISION is:

We aim to bring positive chaos in the status quo by challenging people and organisations to be their wiser, more productive, happier selves. We instigate social movements, individual decisions, organisational change. Inclusivity, creativity, and excellence are at the lifeblood of what we do.

What are WE like?

Welcoming & Cosy – we create an environment where our customers and employees feel accepted and special, just like at home.

Inclusive – we advocate for and support minority groups, but we always make sure everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

Fun – we enjoy every minute of our time and allow you and ourselves to be silly and play.

Empowering – we call for action and inspire in everything we do.

Excellence in teaching and research – we are opinion leaders, applying evidence-based models, relying on research and teaching experience, striving for further development and encouraging others to do so.

Trend-setting and Creative – we are leading on ideas and not following, we look for non-traditional ways of delivering content and promoting our services.

And this is reflected in our VALUES: