Milda Perminiene: An explorer by nature and a researcher by profession

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One of my first recollections as a child was me wanting to become a detective. When I think about myself now, I realise that this is exactly what I do! I have mastered methods and tools for psychological research that allow me to investigate and understand individuals and organisations, supporting them to achieve their greatest potential. Learning from the best and spending time with my colleagues at the University of East London, the University of Bergen in Norway, California State University in Los Angeles, International Management Institute in New Delhi and Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania has provided me with tools that help me solve various challenges for people and companies worldwide.

Sonya Dineva = Business + Psychology

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My childhood dream changed shapes but was always related to one goal – to become someone, who could help people all around the world. Now I can proudly say that I have accomplished everything I have ever dreamed of. I am a business psychologist with extensive experience in various domains of the world of business and organisations. Having worked in multiple managerial roles across different European countries and industries as well as accumulated invaluable knowledge of psychology, I decided that I wanted to share all my insights and became a lecturer in business psychology. Disseminating knowledge, helping individuals find happiness and organisations thrive turned into my vocation, which was very soon recognized by my receipt of the UEL (University of East London) Award for Scholarship in Learning and Teaching and much more importantly by the abundant amount of success stories as a result of my work. So here I am today – here for you – everyone eager to find the best version of themselves and the world we are living in.

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