to the ‘Haar Monja’ project!

This is our special course, aimed at supporting those, who want to lead a happier, more meaningful and healthier life. Based on an innovative modification of the famous ACT model for psychological flexibility and integrating this with the concept of mindfulness in everyday lives, we offer you specific psychological tools for boosting resilience and dealing with negative thoughts. In a friendly and welcoming environment, we will help you to be more relaxed, confident, determined and authentic in decision making at work and life in general, i.e. be your best possible selves. Our insightful workshops include:

Action Plan to Happiness

– Is it for me?
– Yes, if you …

  1. Dwell on the past or worry about the future
  2. Can’t get over painful experiences
  3. Struggle with negative thoughts
  4. Lack self-confidence
  5. Self-sabotage
  6. Feel anxious
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After this training you will:
1. Master tools that help you deal with negative thoughts and unhelpful emotions
2. Accept sensations, memories, and intrusive thoughts that are bothering you
3. Enhance your personal resilience
4. Develop a greater self-awareness
5. Project decisions that align with your authentic self
6. Recognise your core values and goals in the three main areas of life
7. Build an action plan that leads to greater confidence and satisfaction
What will I get?
(1) An interactive and fun experience
(2) A workbook with all the tools and exercises that you can look back into
By reflecting on the three tasks of life and what stops you from completing them as well as designing a detailed action plan based on your values, we will guide you towards becoming a happier self. You will discover the amazing state of psychological flexibility and the many ways, in which it can help you thrive.

3 Core Strategies to Manage Self-stressing

This is for you, if you …

  1. Experience stress at excessive levels
  2. Feel overwhelmed by rumination over what’s happened in the past or what will happen in the future
  3. Are looking for ways to stay productive and be creative
  4. Want to recover your resources in a short period of time
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This workshop will help you to:
1. Relax your body, simultaneously relaxing your mind and boosting creativity
2. Increase your vitality through breathing
3. Befriend negative thoughts and trigger positive emotions
What will I get?
(1) An interactive and fun experience
(2) A workbook with all the tools and exercises that you can look back into
Through the use of various tools, employing your mind and body in unexpected and creative ways, we will show you how to deal with stress and cope with uncertainty, anxiety and emotional exhaustion.

What do our participants say?

Why is ‘Haar Monja’ so effective?

Having watched the video, you have probably figured it out. Our course gets so much positive feedback not only because it helps you realise what stops you from being successful, resilient and happy, but it also provides you with psychological tools that can empower you to deal with all the obstacles you are facing at work and in life.

Our personal development workshops are built on an innovative modification of the famous ACT model of psychological flexibility (ACT = Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), integrating a blend of other psychological approaches from Adlerian, Positive and Counselling Psychology to achieve fast but long-lasting effects. All of these represent methods with proven effectiveness and you can read more about the successful application of the core ACT model of psychological flexibility here and here.

We all are what we think we are and by helping you cope with your negative thoughts and emotions, we will show you the way to your best possible self, so come to a journey with us!