Training designed for me!

“Milda and Sonya’s depth of knowledge, coupled with their warm presence, made for a day that felt more like a meeting between old friends than a training session. I left feeling renewed, with a clear sense of how I could apply what I’d learned in the short, medium and long term. The strength of this training lies in their ability to tailor it to our individual situations, allowing diverse groups of participants to each leave feeling as though the training had been designed just for them.” (Esohe Uwadiae, institutional equity officer)

What a team!

I had the immense pleasure of being taught by both Milda and Sonya – they are incredibly skilled, knowledgable and together they create a hugely positive and effective team” (Frances Eve, career coach)

Extremely motivating and inspiring!

I really enjoyed the workshops organised by Sonya and Milda, even though I am familiar with most of the psychological techniques and concepts, I really appreciated the simple and approachable way of introducing these, and explaining how to apply them in everyday life. Recommend for everyone who is struggling with goal setting and taking ownership of own ‘destiny’, but also for these who just want to educate themselves. Basically it is a must for everyone!

Psychology student

Wonderful experience!

I certainly have not forgotten the wonderful experience that Milda and Sonya both gracefully offered during the delivery of the course a few months ago.  It didn’t stop there, you encouraged participants to become part of the community of lifelong learning – with a smile!

Blessings to you!

Pamela Jeffrey
Progress coach

Valuable Tips & Tricks

I don’t want to emphasize how sweet and cozy lecturers are – it is obvious, you can check it on SoMe channels. The main thing that matters is the value for myself and it is huge. Ofc, don’t be naive, we ourselves are responsible for our lifes and we must practise all methods (it is so hard when it is so simple!), but if you have no clue how to start – this training is just for you.
Dare to dream, be free to love yourself, forget others’ opinions. Meet yourself – it is the most magical moment in life and, I am sure, Milda and Sonya can be perfect guides in that journey!

Hope to meet you in free women’s community.
Take a first step – it is such a nice feeling.


A must for anyone wishing to progress professionally!

Sonya and Milda delivered an enjoyable full day workshop on some key topics for women in leadership.

Their energy, enthusiasm and passion for the subject really shone through.

They are clearly experts in the subject area and delivered the training in an interactive, fun and creative way.

I would highly recommend this training session for anyone in a leadership role, as you will not only leave feeling positive, but also inspired. You will have learned some practical tools that you can actually use on a daily basis to keep negative thoughts at bay. A must for anyone wishing to progress professionally!

Minal Shingadia
Assessment manager

Remarkable individuals

It is very hard to find individuals as hardworking , dedicated and passionate about their work as Milda and Sonya are. Their level of professionalism is second to none and they always leave such a great impact in the lives of anyone fortunate enough to have been in their presence. They form remarkable, natural connections with their students and help them excel in every aspect of their lives.

Salimata Bojang

What an invaluable lesson

I really enjoyed the training for aspiring and existing women leaders. I keep with me the reminder that  I am not the sum of my thoughts. Equally, I also keep with me how to acknowledge negative thoughts without stopping my own progression through them.  This in itself has been an invaluable lesson and I’ve learnt how to help myself, in spite of myself.  Many thanks to Sonya and Milda for putting this together; training was very interactive and the ideas and concepts behind the activities were well explained.

Sophia Bokhari

I learnt so much!

Milda and Sonia are two women who influenced me greatly. Extremely well prepared academically, highly emotionally intelligent, elegant, and sweet but very constructively strict with their feedback. They gain the admiration of all of us by connecting with their participants at the deepest level, not only academically but emotionally and psychologically. Thank you

Daniela Decillis

You became my role models

Milda and Sonia are two great women who inspired me to do my best in my professional and personal life. They are like role models to me, both, as strong female characters and experts in their field. They are very skilful presenters and their teaching style is very engaging and informative to the very last moment.  Also, they always bring along empathy and understanding to the conversation.

Teodora Langeveldt
Business consultant

Very useful techniques. Thank you!

I found the teaching method unique in that participants were involved and the facilitators engaged with the participants very well.  I came away from the training feeling confident about myself and learnt useful techniques helping me to deal with stressful situations.

Florence Achen-Owor
Assistant library manager

Motivating and inspirational

I learnt a lot while studying under Sonya and Milda. I found their teaching sessions to be extremely interactive which turned out to be the best way to learn from both the professors as well as my peers. Sonya’s optimistic and energetic personality was very motivating and helped me a lot to build my self-esteem and Milda’s patience and ease of connecting with every student irrespective of their ethnicity made the class environment inclusive and comfortable. Sonya and Milda always shared their expert opinion and knowledge when it came to academic work and never failed to answer any of our queries or confusion regarding the field of organisational psychology.

Safa Alamgir


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